I have been a DJ since the early 80’s before finally turning professional in 2002. I  have played at venues big and small across the length and breadth of the country. These include 5 star luxury hotels and pub back rooms. Yes, the sort of pubs that you wouldn’t take your mother to! The highlight of my career was DJing on board a Boeing jumbo jet for a group of special needs and under privileged children who had never flown before, a truly memorable experience for both the children and myself.

I’m never more at home than when playing a wedding or engagement. I enjoy any kind of gig where there’s a wide range of ages, thus I get to play a wide range of music. I enjoy the challenge of entertaining everyone from the youngest who will dance to anything to the oldest who can re-live their youth dancing to some of their favourites. I’m at my happiest when the guests are enjoying what I love doing… PLAYING MUSIC!